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How to access your email
Your email can be accessed in 2 ways. First, by using your webmail which can be found at (replace with your actual domain name). You can also access your webmail by clicking on the Webmail button inside the Online Galleries Content Management System. Please note that the username for logging into webmail is your full email address.

The second option is to configure an email client such as Outlook to check your new email account. The actual process will vary depending on your email client but you need to add a new email account - usually this is done via the Tools menu.

For all email clients, you will need the following information:

POP or IMAP?: It depends on how you plan to check your email. As a guide, if you check your email from multiple computers / locations, then IMAP is easier to work with, if you always check your email from the same computer, then POP is the way to go. A detailed comparison of POP and IMAP can be found here:
Incoming Mail server: (replace with your actual domain name)
Outgoing Mail server: (replace with your actual domain name)
Outgoing Mail Port: 587
Outgoing Authentication: Password
Username: The full email address that you are setting up.

A complete tutorial for numerous email clients can be found here - please select your email client and follow the instructions carefully. Please note that your email is hosted on a 'dv 3.5' server - the tutorial may have some specific instructions for this.