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How can I sell multiple print sizes of a single image?
You can add multiple 'Add to Cart' text links in the text area that appears next to your images. This will allow you to sell multiple sizes of a single image, each with their own price attached.

Step 1: Go to "Gallery Content / Gallery Tools" and create a new gallery.
Step 2: In the same Tool, turn on eCommerce for the new gallery
Step 3: Go to 'Gallery Content / Add Images' and add one or more images to the new gallery.
Step 4: Go to 'Gallery Content / Edit Gallery' and select the new gallery from the dropdown menu up the top.
Step 5: Select the piece you wish to edit (or click the "Change text and price for all pieces" button)
Step 6: Add the text for the piece. Should be something like this:

"This piece is available in a range of sizes:

5 x 7 is $AUD 5.00 Add to Cart
8 x 10 is $AUD 10.00 Add to Cart
12 x 15 is $AUD 25.00 Add to Cart"

Step 7: In the text, select the words 'Add to Cart', make them underlined (so users can see they are a link) and then click the 'Insert Link' button.
Step 8: In the Insert Link window, replace the 'http://' in the URL field with this:

asfunction:_root.addToCartFromLink,5.00,Size 5 x 7

The first part of that link will be the same for every Add to Cart link, but the last 2 parts can vary for every link. Here is what they do:

"5.00" is the price of the item being added to the shopping cart - make it any price you wish.
"Size 5 x 7" is the text that will be added to piece's heading so can tell all the shopping cart items apart if the user orders multiple sizes of a single piece. You can change this text to anything you want.

Step 9: Click OK in the Insert Link popup and then repeat steps 7 and 8 for the other Add to Cart links.
Step 10: When you are happy with the text, click 'Save'

If you are selling many images that are all the same price with the same size options, you should consider using the 'Change Text and Price for all pieces" option in the Edit Gallery Tool. If you want to save the text, links etc to be used with another gallery, please follow these steps:

Load a working gallery and click on a piece. When the text appears in the text editor click the < > button to view the source code of the text box. Copy all the code that appears and save it in a text file for future reference. Click the < > button again to return to normal view. Load the second gallery. Click on any piece, click the < > button and replace any code that is in there with the code you saved in the text file. Click < > again to confirm that it all looks OK and then click the 'save for all pieces' button.