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How to add audio to your Online Galleries website
It is possible to play background music while users view your website. It should be noted that many users find this annoying so the technique should be used sparingly and with subtle music that is unlikely to turn people away.

There are 2 ways that you can do this. The first is to add some audio to a Flash swf that is then loaded in as a background image for a particular section. To add a Flash movie as a background, go to

Backgrounds / Background Images

Please note that the audio will only play for the time that they are in that particular section, so this technique works well for short audio clips.

The second technique is to embed the audio file in the HTML page. To do this, go to

Advanced Tools / Google Analytics

and add something like this to the 'Google Footer' code

The src parameter should be changed to the URL of the sound you wish to play. If you are a Full subscriber you can upload the audio file using the following tool:

Advanced Tools / File Sharing

Using this second technique, it is possible to loop a single audio file for the entire time that the user is on your website.