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Create new pieces from existing images
Yes you can do that. Log in to the content management system and then click on ‘Gallery Content’ to open the sub menu. Then click on Edit gallery. When the Edit Gallery page loads you will see a drop down menu next to ‘Which gallery do you want to edit?’ - use that to select the gallery you want to edit (if you have not already created the new gallery you can do so in the ‘Gallery Tools’ section). When you have selected the new gallery click on the ‘Add Piece’ button down the bottom left. This opens a dialog window with an input text box up the top where you enter a name for the piece and a drop down menu down the bottom that lists all the images you have already uploaded – use this to select the image you wish to assign to the new piece. Then click Submit.

That’s it – just repeat the ‘Add Piece’ step for each piece. You can remove the pieces from the old gallery by selecting the gallery from the dropdown menu up the top, then selecting the piece you wish to remove from the list on the left and click the ‘Remove Selected Piece’ button underneath the list.

You can also reorder the pieces by clicking the up and down arrows to the left of the list of pieces – make sure you click the ‘Save change of order’ button down the bottom left when you are finished reordering them.