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I already have a domain - can I use it with Online Galleries?
If you have already registered your domain and wish to link it to an Online Galleries account, you will need update the DNS delegation for the domain to point to our server. The nameservers are:


Please note that if you have an existing website or email accounts linked with your domain, they will stop working when you change the DNS delegation.

During the sign up process you will indicate that the domain is already registered. When signing up you should enter an email address that is not linked with your domain, such as a gmail or yahoo account) so that there are no issues when we try to contact you.

The cost of renewing the domain is included in your Online Galleries subscription, but the domain will need to be tranferred to our registrar. We will initiate the transfer but to assist us please email the domain authCode to The domain can be transferred after your Online Galleries website is up and running but should be completed before the domain is due for renewal.

If you have any questions about this process please log a support ticket on this help desk.