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No StarNo StarNo StarNo StarNo Star | Jan 8 2009, 4:13 AM | Print
Can I upload pdfs for my CV etc?
With the Full version of Online Galleries you get access to a file sharing tool that allows you to upload files of various formats, including PDF. You can then link to these files from within your Online Galleries website.

1. Firstly you need to upload the file using Advanced Tools > File sharing
When the file is uploaded a URL will be created. Copy this.
2. In a text section of your website.
Type the text that you want to use as the link eg "My CV" It's also a good idea to underline it or make it blue so that people know it is a link.
3. Select this text and click the icon that looks like a chain link in the text box menu.
4. Paste in the URL to the pdf that you uploaded.
5. Click save.
laurasyren -- Oct 5 2009, 1:04 AM
How do you insert the link to your text in the website? I'm trying to insert a pdf file link in my "Home" page text.