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Building Online Galleries website before the domain is pointing at our server
Many users already have a website before they subscribe to Online Galleries, and wish to minimise downtime for their site. It is possible to leave the old site 'live' while you build the Online Galleries version and then switch the domain when it's ready.

To do this, leave the DNS delegation for your domain pointed at your old server while you build you Online Galleries website. You can still login to the Online Galleries CMS and add content, but the 'Launch Site' button up the top will load your old website (it just loads your domain name). Instead, you will need to go to

to see how your new website is looking. Of course, you will need to change to your actual domain name.

When you are happy with the Online Galleries version of your website, you can change the DNS delegation for the domain to:

sydney1 -- Jun 22 2010, 10:38 PM
It wasn't doing this until just a few days ago, any easy way to be able to check status as you try fonts, etc?
BillyT -- Aug 8 2010, 6:58 AM
We do not get notified of article comments. If you still need help please open a helpdesk ticket.

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