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How to add videos
1. Video pieces are only available in the Full version and they must be converted to flv format (Flash video).

2. We recommend Adobe Flash CS3 Video Encoder to convert your videos to flv format. Use the following settings;
Flash 8 - Medium Quality (400kbps)
Maximum width 615px
Max height 385px
Note that the videos do not have to be constrained to these proportions, but they must not exceed this size.

3. You need a jpeg to display as the thumbnail for your video. Take a screen shot of a section of your video that you would like to display and save it as a jpeg 615px X 385px using Photoshop.

Extra notes;
This article will give you more information about converting to the flv format.

There are also many free applications that will convert video files to flv format, for both Mac and PC. You can find them by searching for "free flv converter" in google, however we cannot guarantee that all of these will work.
garvostudio -- Aug 20 2010, 12:15 AM
If you have CS4 Master Pack or CS4 Design Premium - you can convert the file to .flv format using Adobe Media Encoder.