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Can I keep my existing website and just use your system for the galleries?
Yes with the Full and Mid plans you can embed the Online Galleries in an iframe, hide the main menu and go straight to a specific gallery. So if you have a website already that you are happy with apart from the gallery area, you can easily display one (or more) of our galleries on your existing website. Here's how you do it:

First, sign up to the mid or full plan. The domain name you choose for the Online Galleries account will actually be hidden by the iframe, so you are welcome to make a subdomain on our domain such as

Once your account is set up, login to the admin area, add and few galleries and upload some images and/or videos (see other FAQ articles for details on this).

Change the colours in your Online Galleries website to match your existing website.

Now hide the main menu by going to

Website Content / Menu Bar Tools

On the right of that tool, select 'Completely hide the menu' and click 'Save Changes'.

Now go to

Gallery Content / Gallery Tools

On the right of that tool you will see a list of all your galleries. Next to each gallery heading you will see unique ID for each gallery. This ID is required when embeding the gallery on your existing website, so make a note of any relevant IDs.

Now on your existing website, create a new html page in which to embed your new gallery. Include you main menu and any other consistent elements on your website, and embed the gallery using an iframe like this:

iframe src="" width="960" height="700" frameborder=0

The part in red should be changed to your domain name, and the number in pink should be changed to the unique ID of the gallery you wish to embed. I have removed the <> around the tag and the closing iframe tag to make it appear correctly in this article.

Save and upload your new html file, and when the page is loaded, your Online Galleries website will appear but the menu will be hidden and it will go straight to the gallery you have chosen to embed.