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Can I create categories of Galleries?
Yes you can. This can be useful if you have a large number of galleries and you wish to sort them into categories to make them easier to browse.

For example, you might have:

  1. Kids
  2. Adults
  3. Animals

  1. Bush
  2. Desert
  3. Urban
To build this example, go to

Gallery Content / Gallery Tools

and create the 8 galleries (Portraits,Kids,Adults,Animals,Landscapes,Bush,Desert,Urban)

After creating them, immediately deactivate all the sub galleries (kids, animals, adults etc). This will prevent the sub galleries from appearing in the main gallery dropdown menu. In the list of galleries, next to the gallery name you will see that each gallery has a unique ID (will say something like (ID = 80)). Make a note of the IDs for your sub galleries, as this will be required when we create the links to load them.

Now go to

Gallery Content / Add Images

and select a single image to upload into the Portraits gallery (make sure you select the portraits gallery in the dropdown menu before uploading the image). Repeat this process to add a single image into the Landscapes gallery. Then upload as many images as you like into the sub galleries.

Now go to

Gallery Content / Edit Gallery

and select the Portraits gallery from the drop down menu. There should be one piece in this gallery and it will be automatically selected in the list on the left. To the right of that, enter something like:

"We do a wide range of portrait photography. Please click the links below to see the different types of portrait services we offer:


Now select the word "Kids" and make it underlined to indicate that it is a link. Then click the 'Insert Link' button and replace the 'http://' in the URL field with:


The number on the end in red should be changed to the unique ID of the gallery you wish to load with this link. Repeat the steps for the Adults and Animals links and then again for the Landscapes gallery.

Once that is complete, launch the site and you will see that you just have the 2 galleries in the menu along the top (Portraits and Landscapes) but when you load one of those you get the links to all the other sub galleries.
booteeq -- May 5 2011, 12:33 PM
Does anyone know how to remove galleries?