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No StarNo StarNo StarNo StarNo Star | Aug 15 2009, 3:21 AM | Print
How do I add postage to any orders generated from my website?
The postage tool in the admin area (found via Advanced Tools / Postage) can be used to automatically calculate the postage costs for orders placed through your website. The tool is broken down into 3 components:

1. Turn postage on and off. If postage is turned off, the settings in the other 2 components will be ignored when an order is placed.
2. Calculation Method. Determines how the postage cost will be calculated. Can either be set to a flat $ rate or a percentage of the total order.
3. Postage Costs. Specify either the percentage of the order or the flat rate to charge, depending on the option selected in step 2. To allow you to apply different postage cost formulas for small and large order, this component allows you to specify 2 different rates or percentages to use when calculating the order. For example, for orders under $100 you might charge a postage fee of 20% of the total order, but for orders over $100 the postage fee might drop to 15% of the total order. If you don't wish to utilise this functionality you can simply set both rates to the same value.