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Pointing your domain at our server
So you just signed up to Online Galleries and you already had a domain name? To use that domain with your Online Galleries account, you need to 'point' the domain at our server. To do this, please log into the control panel of the company you registered the domain through, and change the DNS delegation for the domain to:


Please be aware that soon after you change the DNS:

  • your old website (if you had one) will be replaced by your Online Galleries website
  • any email accounts linked with your domain (eg that were created with your previous web host, will stop functioning

For these reasons, we recommend that you do the following BEFORE you change the DNS of your domain:

  1. if you have an existing website, leave it up there until your Online Galleries website is fully built, then switch the DNS
  2. if you are using email accounts linked with your domain, take steps to archive all your emails before switching the DNS

If you don't already have a website on your domain, and are not using any email accounts linked with your domain, you can go ahead and point the domain straight to us. After changing the DNS, the new details can take up to 48 hours to fully propagate, so don't worry if your Online Galleries website doesn't immediately appear when your type in your domain name.

The cost of the domain renewal is included in your Online Galleries subscription, but the domain must first be transferred to our registrar. We should be able to handle most of the transfer from our end but generally we will need the domain authCode to initiate the transfer and you will need to click a link in an email to authorise the transfer. Please ensure that the domain is unlocked and then provide us with the domain authCode via a helpdesk ticket if you wish to transfer the domain to our registrar. You are more than welcome to leave the domain with your existing registrar but you will need to ensure it is renewed when required.